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HitmanPro - Finds Malware. Destroys Malware. Doesn’t Apologize.

HitmanPro is the malware remover of choice for tens of millions of people. Why? Because it does five things really – actually, exceptionally – well.

1. It’s really small 
You can download HitmanPro in two seconds (unless you still have dial-up internet). It’s only 10MB. Plus, you don’t have to install it – just run it after it’s downloaded.
2. It scans for bad behavior 
A standard antivirus program misses stuff. It’s focused on finding malware signatures that virus firms have identified as malicious. But what about new, zero-day threats that haven’t been researched? That’s why HitmanPro looks at behaviors when scanning. Bad behavior is caught, with or without a malware signature.
3. It uses multiple experts 
Two heads are better than one. So we have four. HitmanPro leverages malware databases from four security labs, including SophosLabs, to be incredibly thorough when scanning for and cleaning up malware. More research means more powerful cleaning.
4. It cleans up after itself 
Malware piggybacks on various programs to gain access to your computer. HitmanPro removes that malware – but it doesn’t stop there. Damaged Windows resources are brought back to their safe, original versions.
5. It goes deep to clean 
Resilient malware can also affect critical system files and boot records to manipulate the Windows operating system and installed antivirus software. This is even before the operating system boots. HitmanPro can remove these persistent threats from within the running operating system and its boot records.

Unlike free programs, HitmanPro doesn’t sell your information or install unwanted apps, tool bars, or advertising programs. We just provide secure, easy malware removal.

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